Call To Action Videos

Introducing Lonric

We provide animated/motion graphics Call to Action videos and commercials for all businesses.  

Lonric was created in 2009 and has produced hundreds of videos for businesses in many fields.

We have also created videos for financial advisor networks such as Fee-Only Network and FIA with astonishing success, thus leading us to start our very own network right here at Lonric. We also have worked with fortune 500 companies such as BettyMills. 

We have provided video content for foundations as well, such as HollyRod Foundation.


Our Mission

We have heard the cries of many businesses in the industry who are frustrated with the difficulty of spreading their message with average text and still images on their websites as well as getting ignored on social media because all of their posts are boring text and photos.

We are in the year 2019, and videos are becoming the must-have tool in every marketer’s arsenal. Here soon, without video, you will just be left in the dust and long forgotten, while the SMART business spreads the word with eye-catching and entertaining videos.

They understand that they have only a mere 11 seconds to grab the attention of their viewers before they move on to the next business that holds the secret weapon of video as one of their most valuable tools.

Our mission is simple, and that is to provide you with the best video content.  Contact us today if you are ready to excel.