Website Copywriters

Every Great Website Has Great Copy

Ewww… Ugly, boring websites. Who likes them? No one, that’s who.


If you don’t have a website, chances are, you’re not getting the best results. Am I right? A business with no website is like the restaurant with no kitchen.


If you want the best results for your business, then you need a quality website. It is a must when establishing business legitimacy on the internet. Websites have become a part of life. At one time, they were considered a luxury. Today they are a necessity.

Get with the times or get left behind

We live in a mobile world where people spend the majority of their time on the internet browsing. So if you are not located on the internet, you are as invisible as the air you breathe. And if you do have a website that Isn’t producing results, then you need to make a solid decision to hire a professional website copywriter.
Sure it’s great to have a website with all the latest bells and whistles to make it look nice and flashy like a brand new car, but without traffic, you’re searching for a needle in a haystack.  Seriously, who knows you exist?
The rub is to know how to drive traffic to your website. If you don’t have traffic, chances are you won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell getting visitors. An experienced copywriter knows how to drive that needed traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization Is a Necessity

You need to be found on the web. And what is the best way to make that happen? SEO. Search engine loves it.


Being sloppy with your keywords is a bad thing. It can even get you penalized. You need copywriting that is written in a natural way for it to be effective. It must also sound professional, not like your child wrote it. No offense to children of course.


Let’s face it. Today’s business environment is highly competitive. You need SEO done correctly if you want to achieve pro status on the internet. Lonric will make sure that you get the best results that stick like sticky traps.

Get Results With a Skilled Copywriter

  • Someone who knows the power of persuasion that gets your visitors to take action.

  • Provides just enough detail to establish a connection

  • Who knows how to overcome any possible sales objections

  • Boosts your credibility as a trusted business and leader in your field.

  • Do not take the chance in losing that potential customer by having a poorly written web copy, video copy or design. The majority of lost customers were actually contemplating on purchasing, but there was no connection made, so they were lost forever. Don’t be that guy.