Video Copy Gets Results

Text website copy is great, and very effective when it comes to sales, but sometimes you just need that extra content to break down what you do in a fun, simple yet professional way. Video Copy is the answer.


Explainer videos are the wave of the future. Sure there are plenty of websites out there without them, but the ones that have them tend to suck in the attention of visitors like children to candy.


It’s scientific proof that you have about 10 seconds to grab the attention of your visitors before they’re off to your competition, and if your competition has a very well produced video on their website. Chances are, they’ll get the sale that could have been your cha-ching in the bank.

A Video Copywriter Can Help Your Business Grow by Producing a Video That:

  • Breaks down what you do in a fun, entertaining yet highly professional way

  • Brings in new business leads

  • Hold your customers focus until the call to action

  • Acts as a virtual window to your business

  • Converts your visitors into paying customers time after time

Driving Traffic to your website is not enough

Now that you have the traffic to your website, good job.  Give yourself a nice big creamy piece of dark milk chocolate, and a nice swift pat on the back. You’re a real trooper, BUT, you’ve only scratched the surface.


Yep. That’s right! Now you have to keep your visitors engaged in what you have to offer. If not, your website is nothing, but a bunch of pages with empty boring meaningless words, that has your visitors aiming for that backspace button faster than you can say NOT INTERESTED, BUDDY.


Web Copy Videos locks your viewers into the hypnotic power of persuasion. Having them entertained as it’s engaging visuals and voice over sucks them in like a sales vacuum, thus, having them clicking that beautiful call to action button. 

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