Sales Letter Copywriting

Sales Letters That Converts into Sales

Going to Vegas, and playing blackjack is a great way to think of luck, but when it comes to sales, it just doesn’t cut it. You’re going to need a lot more than that. You need a sales letter that converts prospects into solid paying customers time after time.
Smartly written sales letters can generate new business leads. They can drive traffic to your website, and introduce your products or services in an effective way.There is a proven formula that contains specific elements that show the reader what’s in it for them.

It’s time for a new approach if …

… your current sales letters are not delivering results that stick. Here at Lonric, our dedicated copywriting specialists can create a sales letter with a benefit-oriented headline that’s carefully written to capture your readers focus, and motivates them to respond to your CALL TO ACTION!
We know how to get to the point that reveals your empathy to the readers’ problem, and explain in perfect detail why your product or service is the best solution. Our Sales Letters include strong, clear, precise call to action that compels the reader to ACT NOW!

We’ve done our homework. We feel your pain. We’ll get you results that stick



You have the perfect product or service, but the words are just not pouring out in a way that describes what you have to offer, in a professional and effective way. 
The perfect copy can be challenging and frustrating to write for the nonprofessional. You need a professional copywriter who has the skills to weave words into a solution.
You need words that catch the eye. Words that leap off the page, and latch onto your readers’ brains, causing them to ACT! 
They need to be persuasive, without overwhelming the reader.  If you want to increase your sales, hire Lonric